... has been my passion ever since I have got my first camera when I was about 8 years old. While at the boarding school, I spent endless hours in the lab, developing film and producing prints. I can still "smell" the chemicals in that dark room. After taking my A Levels,  my passion somehow faded and only started when I was about 30 years old working for UBS. We had bought one of the first digital cameras (Kodak) to take pictures of whiteboards and flip charts as we were running a lot of workshops. On the weekends, team was free to use the camera for private purposes. The challenges was the 2 or 4 MEGA byte CF card, which was full after about 12-14 images, so you were constantly running around with a laptop. After the Kodak came a Canon G2, then a G5, 20D, 40D and now 70D, which is already a dated camera.  It was always fun and I spend countless hours sorting and enhancing my image library. This website contains some of my better images. You are more than welcome to brose my portfolio below and, by the way, I always like to hear back, so do get in touch.