Ever been up a Swiss Alpine Club hut? No? Neither have I - till recently when two friends, Angi and  Beni, suggest to hike up to Lauteraarh├╝tte. You drive to Grimsel Hospiz and then walk for three hours along the shores of the reservoir, finally another 90 minutes hiking uphill. After more than five hours including breaks, you end up at the hut and are rewared by a magnificent view over two glaciers ... and a drink. Food was great and so was the company of the couple running the the hut. By the way: Don't ask the godchild of the hut keepers how long it takes her to get to the hut. The answer will be "three hours - including a twenty minute break". Quite fast compared to the 5+ hours it took us.

Below are some images in black and white - perhaps a bit too much of HDR but they quite express what I saw.